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Seeing Through the Haze:

Why Data Tells the Truth

Why do people think the statistics on substance misuse are wrong? Read to find out why they are accurate and what you can do to find help.

Teens Lie on Surveys...

  • The Healthy Kids Colorado survey is anonymous, so there is no reason to lie.

  • Administered remotely in classroom, which is proven to improve ensure responses are more accurate.

  • Large sample size helps with accuracy.

  • Some teens do mislead, but counter measures prevent inaccurate data.




The info you provide is just propaganda...

All my friends smoke pot

  • This is based on data, not fake news.

  • The information is from a random selection of Colorado teens 13-17 statewide.

  • The agenda? Help teens avoid the pitfalls of drugs that come from peer pressure or stress.

  • Two things can be the same at once: If you smoke pot, your friends likely do too.

  • People who do drugs usually associate with those who do drugs too.

  • Just because your friends smoke, doesn't mean you or other people your age do

Can You
Guess Right?


What percentage of HS youth in CO have NOT used alcohol in the past 30 days?

The correct answer is 76%

What percentage of HS youth in CO have NOT used marijuana in the past 30 days?

The correct answer is 83%


The Graphs & Facts

Perception doesn't always match reality...

Screenshot 2023-10-13 170220.png

These facts may
surprise you, but they are true.

Screenshot 2023-10-18 134956.png
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