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The first step in quitting or reducing vaping is to just be curious about what’s out there. We’re here to help you decide if, how and when you’d like to quit vaping. We’re going to do this together and we’re so glad you’re here. Vaping sucks and you've taken the first step toward making a positive change.


 Just because you try something and just because you fall into this bad habit, doesn't mean that you can't kick it.



If you think fitting in is really important, talk to someone, because chances are you'll be able to get better advice from someone you trust.



Vaping affected my finances by just stealing all my money. Just couldn't eat. Because I'd rather get a vape instead of lunch.



Hear Their Full Stories:



Just looking to quit and not sure how yet? This program really helps you go at your own pace. From self-guided information and activities to coaches available on demand. This is a great place to start.

If there’s strength in numbers then this is the spot. Over 300,000 people have used these services on their way to quitting vaping. And it’s all done via texting, anonymously.

Maybe you just need a way to connect with other people. To be understood. To find better ways to cope with a stressful life. This is the place.

Summit County Care Clinic

If you’re more interested in in-person care, this is the place. They can help you with quitting vaping or any other number of mental and physical health concerns you might be having. And they are located right in your school. 

Want to get involved with other youth who are interested in helping their community stay tobacco free? This is the place and you’re always welcome.

About Us

About Us

Vaping is fairly new, at least compared to cigarettes. It’s marketed as a safer alternative to smoking. A way to help people quit. But it’s become an entry point to nicotine addiction for a lot of youth and adults alike. We’re on a mission to help the youth of Summit County stay away from vaping. Whether it be help quitting or help to never start, we’ve got your back!

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