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The first step in quitting or reducing vaping is to just be curious about what’s out there. We’re here to help you decide if, how, and when you’d like to quit vaping. We’re going to do this together and we’re so glad you’re here. Vaping sucks and you've taken the first step toward making a positive change.
Junior, a student speakign about quitting vaping.


I was spending around like a hundred to 300 dollars max a month on vapes. I would've liked to be saving up, you know, spending it on other stuff that would benefit my health and myself.

Alexa, a student talking about quitting vaping.


If you think fitting in is really important, talk to someone, because chances are you'll be able to get better advice from someone you trust.

Keira a student talking about quitting vaping in summit county and how it improved her health.


My mental health has definitely gotten a lot better after I quit vaping. I have been taking more walks, enjoying nature and what we have instead of spending all my money on one thing.

Vaping Savings Calculator

Stats about vaping costs

YouCanQuit2 developed a savings calculator so users can see how much richer they can become after quitting tobacco.

The average cost to vape a JULL accumulates to over $1,000 per year. Additionally, the average cost to vape refillable e-cigarettes is $1,500 a year. 


When you quit vaping your personal well-being and life become much richer, as does your wallet. 



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Vaping can damage the lungs, heart, and blood vessels. Vaping causes you to inhale chemicals and metal particles can cause respiratory problems and increase heart rate and blood pressure. 

Doussouba and MG

Mental Health

Vaping can affect mental health by causing changes in mood, anxiety, and depression. Nicotine and other chemicals can also worsen symptoms of mental health and can lead to increased stress.




Quitting vaping can be very difficult and feel isolating. Vaping Sucks has compiled some of the best quitting tips to help you on your quitting journey. Click below to learn more

Summit Resources 

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E-Cigarette & Vape Disposal

Throwing vapes in the trash poses a negative impact on our environment. 

It leads to more single-use plastic waste entering landfills, increased plastic pollution, increased tech waste from vape parts like lithium batteries, and introducing toxic chemicals into the environment. 

Visit the disposal locations below to help us keep Summit County beautiful.
  • Silverthorne Town Hall

  • Dillon Town Hall

  • Summit Community Care Clinic

  • Copper Mountain - EDGE Building

  • Breckenridge Recreation Center 

  • Frisco Transit Center

  • Frisco Smok N' Bra

  • Silverthorne Transit Center

  • Colorado Mountain College: Dillon Campus 

  • Colorado Mountain College: Breckenridge Campus 

About Us

Vaping is fairly new, at least compared to cigarettes. It’s marketed as a safer alternative to smoking. A way to help people quit. But it’s become an entry point to nicotine addiction for a lot of youth and adults alike. We’re on a mission to help the youth of Summit County stay away from vaping. Whether it be help quitting or help to never start, we’ve got your back!

About Us
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